Nnenna Ndukwe: A Journey of Resilience and Rediscovery

5 months, 3 weeks ago

There is an interesting story of Nnenna Ndukwe – a journey filled with shadows, self-discovery, and the transformative power of resilience. Have you ever felt like life's twists and turns were leading you into unexpected places, just like Nnenna's unexpected journey from a small town in Nigeria to the world of programming?
Let's rewind to the beginning, where Nnenna, a brilliant student with dreams as vast as the night sky, faced the cruel hand of financial difficulties.
                    Yes, she's that cute I'm for real 😉
Things were not looking good for her, I know the following words will sound familiar ... school fees debts 
Now, picture this, with her financial difficulties she somehow gains interest in coding whether it was thinking about how websites are made, how hacking is done, inspiration from people like Mark Zuckerberg, or for whatever reason she gains interest in coding somehow. By the way, she was at Boston University (Shotout to Boston)
Like many of us (yes am a developer too), she feels that weird connection with coding that great feeling of solving a bug running your first "hello world" program be it in Chicken, Q,shakespear, or whitespace (yes those are real programming languages). You get the point she fell in love with coding/programming 
She did what we thought she would do. Yes, you guessed it right she left school for a tech career.
Fast forward to the struggle at the time of writing she works for Unleash a management feature that helps with a lot of stuff like managing your tech stack deployment and a bunch of other things just go to getunleash.io to find out more. Back to Nnnena, I know the name is quite weird but it's an actual name y'all she is Nigerian, and Nigerians have weird names (no offence). Any way she works an Unsleash now but how did she get here?
Let's rewind 8 years in the past (2016)
She was working as an IT Computer Laboratory Assistant at Roxbury Community College
Full Stack Web Developer at Resilient CodersResilient Coders (Sep 2017 - Dec 2017) 4 mos(year tech positions can be short at times)
......... and a bunch of other roles ..........
Currently, she works at Unleash
She had her self doubts but what can you do when you have financial issues and you find something you love that you can do for a career and has opportunities? You take the risk of course
This stands as a motivation to all of us
As of now, Nnenna Ndukwe is not just a successful programmer but a Developer Advocate at Unleash. From broke financially challenged student at Boston to a position and Unleash
But Nnenna is not merely a programmer; she is a person with a heart of gold. The specter of her early struggles has shaped her into a compassionate soul, ready to extend a helping hand to those navigating the path of their dreams. In her free time, she reads, writes, and encourages a healthy lifestyle on social media.
In conclusion, Nnenna Ndukwe's journey is not only about pushing and getting out of debt from Boston, It is a story about getting from the bottom and keeping the dream alive until you make it, it does not mean if you are broke and you are in university struggling with financial issues you will make it out like Nnnena not everyone makes it out. If her story did not inspire you especially if you are a female I regret to inform you that nothing will.
By the way for those who thought this story was fiction here is her LinkedIn
I told y'all she's cute 😉


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