Devin AI (first look)

4 months ago

Introduction to Devin AI
By now you must have heard of DevinAI if you have not don't worry we will talk about it in depth, what it is, what we know it can do, and what exactly it means to you as a software developer. Also, this article was written 24 hours after Devin AI's first announcement in movies we could have called this the first trailer
Developed by Cognition, Devin AI is making waves as the world's first "fully autonomous" AI software engineer. This innovative AI agent goes beyond simple assistance. Devin is claimed to be capable of independently completing complex software development tasks, including coding, debugging, and even building and deploying applications. From what we know so far. 
we do not know the languages it can work with, how it will be able to deploy code whether it can use Vercel how long it can take whether it works in vs code we do not know yet, i will cover more about this as we keep knowing more about the tool.
Capabilities of Devin AI:
let's discuss a bit more about its abilities. Devin AI boasts an impressive skillset that redefines the software development landscape. Let's delve into what this groundbreaking AI can do:
  • Coding: Forget lines upon lines of manual coding. Devin can generate code from scratch, tailored to specific requirements. This translates to faster development times and potentially reduces human error in the coding process. 
  • Full-Stack Independence:  Unlike traditional AI assistants focused on specific stages of development, Devin can handle the entire software creation process. Imagine feeding it the application's purpose, and Devin takes care of everything, from building the backend functionalities to crafting the user interface to deployment.
  • Debugging Detective: Struggling with a persistent bug? Devin comes to the rescue. It can analyze code, pinpoint errors, and even suggest potential fixes, saving valuable time and frustration for human engineers. I know you know what I mean
  • Machine Learning Marvel: Devin's capabilities are constantly evolving. Powered by machine learning algorithms, it can learn from experience, adapt to new challenges, and refine its understanding of various programming languages and frameworks. And with time maybe when React or Python becomes absolute it will also learn the new technologies that will come up.
What this means for software developers
We do not know much about Devin AI but from what we know it can write code line-by-line debug and deploy. Sounds something like what your job is and a possible replacement right?
Well, let's dive a bit deep into AI jobs, not too deep because we know little about Devin just enough deep to have a clear understanding of everything.
Firstly I'll start by saying technology like this pops up all the time which claims it will take software engineering jobs. Chatgpt, WordPress, and a lot more tools and this will not stop it will keep on being said every time something similar pops up.
If you have been in the industry long enough you understand these are tools not replacements.
Sure it can do some impressive things from what we have learned but let me ask you some questions.
Do you think you can give a prompt like "Build me a Facebook clone" BOOM!! it builds Facebook from scratch, codes every line, and deploys it online, and there you are you are now competing with Facebook. No, that is not happening a software developer is needed software developers are needed.
Why are Google, Facebook, Amazon, and all these big companies? Why are they still having software developers?
Why are computer science universities not getting closed why don't they stop teaching people and tell them "y'all find other jobs software engineering is dead"?
I can go on and on but here is something you need to understand. In as much as these tools are impressive they need a software developer to operate them. If you give your non-technical manager or client to use Devin (once it is released) to create software it is not just possible. It needs specific prompts like creating URL patterns for this, using this framework using a database, etc, of which your manager knows nothing about hence you are even working there in the first place.
People who are nontechnical and try to use these tools end up hiring developers to fix the mess they have made trying to do everything themselves.
I can go on and on but I will end here thanks for reading
If you want you can request for a beta
You can also check out their YouTube channel


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